Established 1959!

Not only the first, but the best kosher pizza and falafel!

Amnon’s is where passion and tradition meet in a warm, inviting and contemporary light. We are old school, yes, but in a way that keeps our tradition authentic. Our recipes have been in the family for generations so that our customers get the same satisfaction every time they step through our doors or heat up one of our products. And, as always, we use the freshest local ingredients possible. From our family’s passion to your family’s meal, We’re excited to have you join the Amnon’s community.


Founded on Pitkin Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn as Levy’s Kosher Pizza.


Levy’s moves to Flatbush Avenue, Flatbush, Brooklyn.


Levy’s changes name to Israel Pizza and moves to 13th Avenue in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.


Israel Pizza takes the name of its founder and becomes the world famous Amnon’s Kosher Pizza and Falafel.

Present Day

Amnon’s is a family-run business where we operate our pizza shop on 13th Avenue and produce some of the best quality frozen food products on the market today with our Amnon’s Brand.
Welcome to Amnon’s Kosher Pizza!